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Certified Marriage Mediation, a division of Certified Mediators, is a solutions-based dispute resolution service providing alternatives to married couples who wish to problem solve within their marriage.  Through Marriage Mediation and working with our experienced mediators, couples identify core issues and negotiate for their interests based on their needs moving forward in the relationship.    

What is Marriage Mediation?

Marriage Mediation, also known as Mediation to Stay Married, is a process for couples who are experiencing marital problems and difficulties and rather than divorce wish to stay married. Couples must be willing to learn conflict resolution techniques with a trained mediator in an attempt to resolve their issues and improve upon their marriage. The most successful couples are those who are open to resolution and wish to learn to communicate more effectively and move on from what has happened previously in the relationship. Unlike therapy which focuses on therapeutic techniques and analysis, Marriage Mediation is a practical, solution-based approach to conflict resolution in which the couple identifies and negotiates their own solution to conflict with a trained mediator. Marriage Mediation does not change a personality nor does it seek to shed light on past interpersonal or psychological issues. Rather, Marriage Mediation allows couples to create an agreement and plan of action that addresses core marital issues moving forward.  Within two to three sessions with our mediators couples create a contract that is signed at the end of the process.  Mediators then schedule a follow up meeting to determine if changes have been implemented.  To learn more about Marriage Mediation click here.   

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