"Beverly Tarr is a family law mediator who has no match. She is immensely likable, well spoken, and amazingly capable. Clients love working with her. Beverly single-handedly changed the face of family law mediation in Chicago by making it acceptable and successful. She is an amazing force of nature."  
(Hon. Judge) 

"I cannot thank you enough Beverly, for so many things. Helping us moving through a very emotional and most difficult time; helping us in overcoming overwhelming emotions and helping the both of us to move forward and on top of everything, never letting us lose sight of what was the most critical part of us agreeing and coming together: our children. We will never be able to thank you enough Beverly."  


"It’s not just the process – which I am 100 percent committed to – but even more, it’s my unwavering admiration of YOUR talent and skill."  


"I do not know how to put into words how grateful I am for your expertise and guidance through our day of mediation. I just wanted to simply say Thank You. I will always remember how cared for I felt and how I instantly trusted you."  


"You are amazing! Given the chemistry between my spouse and I, I was certain that mediation wouldn’t work. But you did it! We did it! Thank you for your hard work and “your system.” I am very grateful."